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PROFI SONIC H is a professional ultrasonic nebuliser of high capacity and very modern design. Thanks to the LCD touch screen it is possible to make various settings, such as: air volume, nebulisation rate, start time and duration of inhalation therapy, while screen backlight enables to be readible even in the dark.
PROFI SONIC H is supplied with integrated aerosol heating system which provides additional comfort to the patient during inhalation therapy.

PURPOSE: intended for use in the medical facilities (hospitals, clinics, doctor’s office). Both, children and adults can be inhaled by the nebuliser.


– Integrated aerosol heating system
– Nebulisation rate: 0.0-3.0 ml/min
– Particle size: 0.5-5.0 microns
– Capacity of medication cup: 5-150 ml
– Capacity of water tank: 300 ml
– Low drug residue: 1 ml
– Ultrasonic frequency: 1.7 MHz
– Noise level: <35 dB (A)
– Operating voltage/frequency: 100-240 V AC, 50/60 Hz
– Power consumption: 55 W
– Dimensions: 260 x 200 x 250 mm
– Weight: 1.8 kg

CONTENTS OF THE KIT: PROFI SONIC nebuliser, inhalation hose (75 cm), mouthpiece, 3 medication cups (one already installed), bacteriological filter, power cord and instruction manual.

Optional accessories available for different types of inhalation therapy



•  LCD touch screen
– air volume: maximum 20 l/min
– nebulisation rate: 0.0-3.0 ml/min
– duration of therapy within the range of 1-99 minutes
– time left until the end of inhalation
– possible errors while  operating
sound alerts:
– end of inhalation
– possible errors while operating

•  Noiseless operation

•  Integrated aerosol heating system

•  Bacteriological filter

•  Bluetooth*
Bluetooth connectivity enabling wireless management   via Android/ Windows tablet computer or smart phone

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